The Chapel Dedicated to the Blessed

"The thing is to begin always, against all odds, and never to be discouraged..."
(letter of 15 January 1949 from Blessed Maurice to his brother Louis)

Isn't building a chapel a folly?
This was the case in the Middle Ages, it seems even more ambitious in the 21st century..And yet! At the front of the church in Orsières, on the left, a magnificent new chapel dedicated to Blessed Maurice Tornay was inaugurated on Sunday 12 September 2021 in the presence of His Grace Jean-Marie Lovey, Bishop of Sion.

Luminosity, beauty, clean lines in harmony with the limited surface area, and a warm atmosphere conducive to meditation have found their place in this modern chapel decorated with quotations from the Blessed.

The whole is also magnificently enhanced by the stained glass windows representing Saint Nicolas, patron saint of the parish, and Saint Bernard, patron saint of mountain dwellers.

The selected project follows a wide-ranging call for projects from several architectural offices. It meets the architectural requirements of the site. The interior atmosphere is reminiscent of the language and style of the church. Thanks to subtle lighting the atmosphere is warm and there is no overkill with the main church.

The Space Dedicated to the Blessed

As you enter through the door on the west side (cure), you will discover a series of paintings showing the different stages of the Blessed's life:

  • 1910 - 1025: Child of La Rosière
  • 1925 - 1031: Boarder at the college of Saint-Maurice
  • 1931-1935: Canon at the Great St. Bernard
  • 1936-1945: Misionary in the Tibetan Marches
  • 1938: Priest for the Church
  • 1945-1946: Priest in Yerkalo
  • 1946-1949: Martyr in Tibet

Enjoy your visit.

Opening hours: same as the church, approx. 7am-8pm.

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